Try i-Search with the "advanced template"

İnfo: Most of the images, product data and product tags are randomy generated. Some images may look like a “Picasso” artwork 🙂

Try i-Search. Search for books or Authors in this demo site. This is a demo website with 11.170 products, over 120.000 Tags and 7.000 Authors as taxonomy.
The content and tags in this demo site are generated by randomly selected words. Your search results may have nothing todo with your search string. This is because the randomly generated tags are also included in search results
(of course selectable in the settings)

  • Pay attention to the search speed.
  • The searches are not cached.
  • No cache plugins are used on this demo site.
  • This demo site is hosted on a low-cost provider.

You can automaticcaly add i-Search to every WordPress default search input fields or by adding the shortcode:


you can also define the theme in the shortcode like:

[isrc_ajax_search theme=advanced] or [isrc_ajax_search theme=clean]