Can i include custom taxonomies in search suggestions?

Info: Most templates or plugins use custom taxonomies. In most cases this taxonomies are relevant for search results. Not only results, also in search suggestions. Example: A book store have a taxonomy like ‘Author’ or ‘Publisher’ or both. What is a search plugin without including them? scrap!

Answer: Yes you can include your taxonomies and seperate them as TABs for a better user experience .

Can i include custom taxonomies and tags in searches without suggestion?

Info: Most templates or plugins use custom taxonomies and Tags. In most cases this taxonomies are relevant for search results. Example: A book store have a taxonomy like ‘Author’ or ‘Publisher’ or both. A search for an authors name will suggest the connected product/post.

Answer: Yes you can include your taxonomies or tags in the search algorithm.

My website is slow. Can i still make usage of the search speed of i-Search?

Info: Some websites have a bunch of plugins installed. And not every plugin is well coded. Usage of caching plugins boost up your website for your visitors but plugins which are making AJAX requests like i-Search are still slowly in getting the response from your server. BUT  i-Search have an option to bypass WordPress build-in AJAX functionality. If you enable this option, you will suprised how fast i-Search can be.

Answer: Yes

I dont have WooCommerce installed. Can i still use i-Search?

Info: i-Search is full WooCommerce compatible. This does not mean that only WooCommerce users can use it. If you dont have WooCommerce installed, the options specially for WooCommerce will be invisible for you.

Answer: Yes, you can use it with every type of WordPress.

Is i-Search Multilanguage plugin compatible?

Info: There are so many ML plugins available. A test with every ML plugin is not YET possible. But the next verisons of i-Search will be ML compatible.

Answer: No, Current version do not support multi language plugins.

Are translation files included in i-Search?

Info: PO and POT files are included in i-Search in the ‘/langugaes/’ folder. Every string in i-Search is translateable.
i-Search is currently translatet to German and English (default)

Answer: Yes.

Will i-Search blow up my database?

Info: i-Search is using his own database tables, which can be deletet completely on plugin delete (if this option is selected in the settings). This tables are very lightweight. For example a website with 7.000 posts have only 1.25 MB of database space.

Answer: No

Why are the images in the suggestions created without a thumbnail regeneration?

Info: Plugins which make usage of images are creating image sizes in WP but in most cases you have to use another plugin to regenerate your images to make usage of the right sized image.
I search is looking for the right image size you choosed in the settings. If this size does not exists, it will be created on the fly and will also look for older currently not used image sizes created by i-Search and delete them to keep your folders clean.

Answer: Because of internal image resizing.

I want to show more information in the suggestions. Is it possible?

Info: i-Search have different filters to provide more custom information in the suggestions. For more information take a look into the documentation.

Answer: Yes you can add any information you want in the suggestions.

How can i test i-Search

Info: This website is a demo website. You can log in to the admin panel with the credentials:
User: demo
PW: demo

Answer: You can take a look into the admin panel.